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Mmm’ good. Feels good. Good for you. Good for me.

Mmm’ good. Feels good. Good for you. Good for me.


This vinegar is so good, let me tell you about it…

You ever have a nice smoked whiskey on a summer night? Maybe a few too many, am I right? We know how it is, so don’t worry your little secret is safe with us. Well, it’s a lot like that. Preacher’s Son Smoked Vinegar is a mighty tasty, won’t you have a swig?

Here’s what others had to say about it:

“I use this stuff on everything! I simply can’t get enough of it! I even told my dog about it!” - Daniel from Florida

“I never thought I would be a vinegar man, but the times are changin’. This is the reason I’m alive!” - Carl from Wisconsin

“I’m sure it’s good, but who use’s that much vinegar?” - Denise from Wyoming

Current flavors of the month:

  • Champagne & Orange

  • White Balsamic with Lemon

  • Spicy Citrus

Please send your general inquiries to Donkey Military! Or call Preacher’s Son Smoked Vinegar at 615-785-3991!