Complete was formed by Curt, Mark, Todd & Peter.

When they started the band they had dreams and aspirations of becoming one of the greatest rock & roll bands to ever exist. To be the next band that everybody loved. Sadly though, they broke up a few years later and were thought to never perform again.

Years after the fact, Curt & Peter decided to reform the band. While they were playing some gigs, they were approached by a fan who came up to them asking about some videos of their old performances on YouTube. Yet Curt & Peter had never even heard of these videos.

Later that night, they went home to discover that the internet had already taken notice of Complete. There were dozens of videos, blogs & sites dedicated to Complete. All of which had garnered hundreds of thousands of views, including a mockumentary which blasted Complete as being one of the worst bands ever.

Complete took it to heart and decided to focus on creating new material with renewed determination. They have amassed a huge cult following online and are still rocking out to the delight of many of their fans still today.

Curt & Peter added drummer Genesis (aka Thumper) in the early months of 2017. They continued to perform together until late November of 2017, when one of Complete’s founding members & bassist Peter (aka Creecher) passed away. Wanting his band mates to continue the legacy of the band they created, he chose for Ryan Brady to take his place within the band on the bass. Creecher will always remain in spirit and close in the hearts & minds of his fans, friends & family. And will live on through them and his music.

Complete are currently poised & ready to release new music for their fans. Which is set to release in early 2019. With members Curt, Ryan & Genesis.

“It’s funny how you think things will end and you wanna end things...it don’t happen that way. The rock gods see something you don’t see.” - Curt



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